ihostnz.com – Affordable Professional Web Hosting


$5/month or $55/year for the first 10 applicants!

Promo Code: ihost_affordable_4u


The first 10 to email me that promo code at INFO at DCODER.CO.NZ will get it and I will update this site. So, if you are seeing this now you can be sure that you will get it.


What you get:

  • As many MySQL 5.5 databases as you need and we can support. Supports InnoDB and all the new features. We may hit a physical limit, so within reason.
  • As much web space as we can provide you with. This is shared web hosting, so there is a physical limit but most businesses will not need as much space as I can provide.
  • FastCGI SuExec PHP 5.4!
    Your PHP will run in a sandbox shielded from other users. Your PHP will run as www-username and be in the group username-group, so you have optimum control over what the web server can do while not being insecure.
  • You control your file permissions. Your login will be e.g. tom and therefore your group will be tom-group so you can control permissions optimally.
  • SSH/SFTP Login! Yes you can download with wget and do basic scripting on the server. However, I care about security and you cannot compile or get elevated privileges.
  • Trustworthy, reliable and quick response support: Quick response email or even phone support if things go wrong or in an emergency.
  • Special requirements can be catered for. For example you might need cron jobs set up or have other special requirements for your application that you may have difficulty with getting right. If my time commitment becomes too large I may need to start charging, but I like helping out within reason.
  • I can help you with getting your domains set up, so you have optimum control over them with no bs. I cannot compete with discount domain providers’ prices, but I can provide you with a more personal service.
  • Information security and intellectual property protection. Your data is safe and won’t be monitored or logged unless it is absolutely needed to to protect other people’s rights or freedom.

What you don’t get:

  • Your domain name, although I can help you choose and arrange it.
  • Your own dedicated server, although you can talk to me about administering a scalable Virtual Machine for you or even if you want dedicated hosting, although I wouldn’t recommend it for most people.
  • Elevated rights on the server. I take security seriously and can only provide so much while not compromising my other users’ privacy or security.
  • A host for your illegal or immoral activity.